Hello Nature, new interactive and training website for the agricultural sector

One year after the rebranding, the leading company in the production of biostimulants, organic fertilizers and microorganisms, continues its commitment to supporting farmers, agronomists, and retailers with a completely renovated portal

Inform the operators of the agricultural sector in an interactive and customized way on good and innovative agronomic practices, especially for effective fertilization, through advice, dedicated plans, in-depth studies, consultancy, and online training. These are the main innovations and strengths of the brand-new Hello Nature website.

Online for a few days, the portal aims to become a reference point for farmers, agricultural technicians, and retailers to access information, services, videos, training courses and decision support tools useful for their business.

“The new site, completely renovated in graphics and content, is designed for multi-device navigation and offers an interactive experience in which user can easily get in touch with the company to quickly find an answer to their questions and problems.”, explains Luca Bonini, CEO of Hello Nature. “We then decided – adds Bonini – to provide information to users through direct contact with the agronomic office of Hello Nature to request advice and customized fertilization plans suitable for every need (in the Resources section), as well as to sign up in the Digital Campus: an e-learning platform with exclusive online and free training courses to deepen knowledge on fertilizers, plant biostimulants and on the most advanced agronomic practices for modern and sustainable agriculture. There is also the nutrient removal calculator that allows you to understand the optimal inputs of the various nutrients based on the results you want to obtain”.

The “Agronomy” section of the site is dedicated to in-depth information on crops, nutrients, application methods, as well as specific solutions dedicated, for example, to organic farming. The crop monographs provide useful information on the cultivation needs of each species and allow you to consult an example of a fertilization plan; while the thematic areas of nutrients provide an overview of the main plant’s macro and micronutrients, with a focus to their functions and deficiency symptoms.

The “Products” section, where all the solutions offered by the company are found, has been renewed and enriched. Solutions are grouped by categories in order to simplify the search and navigation of the user who can select the product category and also the application method. On the page of each product, several information is available, and it is also possible to download the technical and safety data sheets, as well as directly contact the company through the “Questions & Issues” section.

There is also a section dedicated to one of the main assets of the company: production technologies, developed over the years by the Hello Nature R&D department and based on innovative, exclusive, and proprietary processes. The latest innovation in this area is KEY+ the exclusive micronutrients biochelation technology based on vegetal peptides, 100% of natural origin, respectful of the environment which leaves no residue in the soil or in the crops.

In the new website it is feasible to learn more about the company’s history and philosophy. Indeed, Hello Nature® since last year is the new name of Italpollina, an Italian company that has been on the market for 50 years and is a leading company in the production of organic fertilizers, vegetal derived plant biostimulants and microorganisms for agriculture. The name Hello Nature® expresses the company’s continued commitment to sustainability and innovation and clearly embodies the company’s evolution over these 50 years, which starting from the organic fertilizer sector has become one of the world leaders in production of plant biostimulants.


Hello Nature sponsor of the Farm to Fork Europe Conference

HELLO NATURE is Gold sponsor of the FARM TO FORK EUROPE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE which will be held as a hybrid event (Live In-Person & Digital Experiences) from 21st till 23rd of June 2022 organized by New Ag International and EBIC (The European Biostimulants Industry Council). The topic of the conference is “plant biostimulants in the global context- visionary initiatives to drive forward your future strategy”. During the conference senior executives in biostimulant and related sectors close the gap between strategic, business-critical issues and address regulatory hurdles impeding market access. Our CEO and EBIC President, Luca Bonini, will open the conference talking about “Biostimulants: 4th leg of sustainable agriculture?”. Furthermore, on the day three we will held a speech in the 4th session of the conference: “Biostimulants and food for all”.

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Hello Nature Sustainability Hour sponsor at BioAg World Congress

We are thrilled to announce that during the 3rd edition of the BioAg World Congress in Valencia we will hold the “Hello Nature Sustainability hour”, an event during which we will deepen the concept of sustainability, what does this mean for our company and we will also announce some exciting news! The event will be held on April 27 at 6 pm (CET) at the Principe Felice Museum in Valencia and in live streaming.

For the occasion we have a fantastic squad of speakers from Hello Nature top management including Luca Bonini, CEO, Philippe Cognet, CSO, Romain Hanrion, Global PM, Alice Toderi, CMO.

Stay tuned, information to attend the on-line event will be available soon!

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Hello Nature and MPS Egg Farms annouce selection of Wabash, Indiana as site for $50 million specialty fertilizers manufacturing facility

The new factory will be constructed in Wabash, Indiana (USA) and will supply the North American agricultural market.

Hello Nature, a global leader in organic fertilizers, biostimulants and microbials, has partnered with 6th-generation Indiana business MPS Egg Farms to form a joint venture that will make a nearly $50 million investment in Wabash, Indiana to construct and operate a specialty fertilizer manufacturing facility.

The joint venture, Bionutrients, will combine high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies.  Bionutrients will employ 46 people and construct two facilities totaling nearly 300,000 square feet in Wabash (Indiana – US). The partners will break ground this spring, with the facility fully operationally in the summer of 2023.

This facility will expand Hello Nature’s Indiana presence and complements its two facilities – a plant for the production of biostimulants and the R&D Center Nello Bonini Innovation Hub –  in Anderson, Indiana.

We believe that this new production facility will be a turning point for the North American market,” said Luca Bonini, Hello Nature’s CEO. “Today the fertilizer industry undergoes multiple challenges such as rising prices, logistics issues and shortage of inputs, and there is a desperate need for innovative solutions to feed a growing population with less inputs and less land available. Our facility will ensure a regular production of sustainable fertilizers to help North American farmers achieve their yield goals. We are honored to partner with MPS and the Krouse family in this important project.

The project will also enhance MPS operations in and near Wabash.  “MPS is excited to partner with Hello Nature to bring their expertise to Wabash. After a thorough review of potential sites in two states, we determined Wabash was the most attractive location and allowed us to expand at home,” said Dan Krouse, vice president of operations at MPS Egg Farms. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to make this investment and hire more Hoosiers in Wabash County.”

By expanding our offerings into Indiana’s growing organic farming sector and supporting a sixth-generation, Hoosier-owned business, we couldn’t be more excited to join this partnership,” said Ann Lathrop, executive vice president of global investments for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). “As we work to sustain our local communities, we continue building on our strengths of manufacturing and agribusiness, which allows us to connect locally, regionally and globally. Hello Nature’s investment in Wabash County is impressive, and we’re excited to see the impact it will have for Hoosiers and our state.”

We are honored that Hello Nature and MPS Egg Farms have chosen the City of Wabash as the location for their new joint venture, Bionutrients.”  Wabash Mayor Scott A. Long said.  “Wabash County has always been a strong center for agribusiness and manufacturing, and this investment is the perfect marriage of the two, continuing the legacy of innovation in our community.”  


KEY+ revolution: hello nature develops an innovative chelation technology based on vegetal peptides

KEYLAN is the new range of natural products, powered by KEY + technology, which will revolutionize the market of chelated micronutrients. 

A new concept of chelation is born, the biochelationTM: a technology of natural origin, sustainable and with a low environmental impact based on vegetal peptides. HELLO NATURE, a leading company in the research and production of sustainable solutions in agriculture, has developed the KEY + technology in its Innovation Hub (Anderson – USA) in over three years. 

KEY+ introduces in the chelated micronutrient market an innovative concept of green chelation, the BiochelationTM, and a new range of products, KEYLAN: the goal of the new solutions is to supply micronutrients in a biochelated form to the plant in order to optimize their absorption and, at the same time to boost plant metabolism thanks to the peptide action.

At HELLO NATURE – explains Luca Bonini, CEO of the companywe have always studied the polyvalent properties of peptides, which are already used in our actual biostimulant range. After long years of research, we found out that peptides are also able to chelate micronutrients, in the same or in a better way that chemical components do, but of course, in a 100% natural way”. 

KEYLAN is suitable to prevent and cure nutrient deficiency on a wide range of crops, through applications to the soil or by fertigation. The new range has an effectiveness comparable to that of synthetic chelates, is efficient with a broad range of soil pHs, is highly stable and water-soluble and leaves no residues in the soil or in the crops. Moreover, it provides the same amount of micronutrient with only half the dose of any standard synthetic chelates, with obvious economic and environmental benefits.

If peptides are the key, L A N is the acronym of what it’s most important: LIFE, AGRICULTURE, NATURE. The product name KEYLAN embodies the essential values that we share“, adds Bonini who specifies” We believe in a greener Life which means making conscious and responsible choices and engaging in practices which minimize the environmental impact of our actions, day after day, in our daily activities. We believe in a more sustainable agriculture and nowadays our duty is to foster environmental conservation by reducing pollution of precious resources, like water, by stopping soil degradation and by preserving agroecosystems. Finally, we believe in the ability of Nature which inspires us every day and has the power to shape flawless substances, process and mechanisms “. 

KEYLAN is a complete range of products in soluble powder, powered by KEY + technology, featuring Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc and two complexes, KEYLAN MAX and KEYLAN COMBI. The KEYLAN range of products will soon be available for all our customers and distributors around the world following the registration delays in each country. Besides, the obtention of the organic certifications such as ECOCERT will guarantee the product being suitable for organic farming according to US, European and Japanese rules. 

To discover more, watch the video on

To find out more, read the interview with Philippe Cognet, Chief Sales Officer at Hello Nature 

Why does HELLO NATURE decide to launch KEYLAN today? 

Earlier this year, HELLO NATURE became the official name of our company. This name clearly defines our strategic position towards the market and represents, for us, a great challenge: we want every product developed in our laboratories to be based on technologies inspired by Nature, innovative and able to guarantee a more sustainable future for agriculture and our planet. The KEYLAN concept perfectly reflects and summarizes all our values. It is the sustainable and greener choice which had so far been lacking in the chelated micronutrient sector. 

How was the KEY + technology discovered? 

HELLO NATURE has always studied the polyvalent properties of vegetal peptides, which we call “Plant Stimulating Peptides”, already used in our actual biostimulant range. Besides, we knew that the pharmaceutical industry already used peptides to chelate metals to make them available for medical and cosmetic use and that complexation with single amino acids had already been used in agriculture. So, it was obvious for us to follow this path: we were sure that our peptide cocktail was able to chelate various elements. After numerous attempts, we found out the right timing to introduce the metals into the production process to have a high enough concentration of peptides able to perform the chelation. Now, we have optimized the operation, so we are able to obtain a good chelation effect, while maintaining the integrity of our Plant Stimulating Peptides, preserving also their biostimulant activity. 

How does the KEY + technology work? 

The KEY + technology is based on the intrinsic ability of peptides to behave like synthetic chelates, or to form different types of bonds with positively charged metal atoms. In fact, the “Plant Stimulating Peptides” contain a great number of potential atoms able to form strong bonds with the metal. To these bonds, which guarantee the greater stability, is to be added the ability of some side chains of amino acids, forming our peptides, to bind the metal through different types of forces, which contribute to further increase the stability of the peptide-metal bond.  Thanks to these multiple interactions, the peptides take a 3D dimension, and they organize close to the metal, to form a fence around it and ensuring that the metal atom becomes part of a strong and biologically stable ring structure. The resulting structure, called biochelateTM, improves the solubility and bioavailability of the element, which becomes readily available for plant uptake. 

What are the differences with the technologies already on the market? 

The KEY + technology introduces on the market a brand-new concept of green chelation, or better, a new concept of BiochelationTM which has numerous advantages and differences compared to the technologies already available. First, compared to traditional synthetic chelation, it is a 100% natural technology, environmentally friendly, harmless to living organisms and respectful of biodiversity, which leaves no residues in the soil or in the crops. In addition, thanks to the presence of plant peptides we have a dual action nutrient biochelationTM and biostimulant that improves the absorption of the element itself, also boosting plant metabolism. Instead, synthetic chelating agents cannot be used by plants, they are only a carrier of the micronutrients. Specifically, speaking of Iron, our peptides biochelate this metal in the bivalent ionic form which is the form readily used by plants and easier to absorb; while synthetic chelate agents, like EDDHA, chelate iron in the trivalent form which is not readily assimilable by plants. Compared to traditional amino acid complexation the main difference is that the KEY + technology has multiple chelation points, as well as multiple types of interactions, which make the peptide-metal bond stronger than the amino acid-metal complex. The latter is a weak and unstable complex, with only two bonds with the metal. 

What are the methods of use and applications of KEYLAN? 

KEYLAN is suitable to prevent and cure nutrient deficiency on a wide range of crops. The goal of the range is to supply micronutrients in a biochelated form to the plant in order to optimize their uptake, and at the same time to boost plant metabolism thanks to the peptide action. It can be applied through two main modalities: drip irrigation or soil injector. It is suitable for crops grown in hydroponic conditions, even in in full hydroponic recycling systems as it is specifically formulated to prevent any photosensitivity issue and it is not degraded by UV. The dose varies according to the type of product and to the specific crop. The experimental trials, which we have conducted over the years, have shown that KEYLAN is efficient in a wide pH range, is highly soluble and stable. In addition, it provides the same amount of micronutrient with only half the dose of any standard synthetic chelates, with obvious economic and environmental benefits. 

When will the new KEYLAN range be available? 

The KEYLAN range of products will soon be available for all our customers and distributors around the world following the registration delays in each country. We are finalizing the KEYLAN registration process in Europe, focusing on KEYLAN Iron which will obtain the REACH authorization soon, and throughout the rest of the world, in compliance with the current local regulation. Besides, we are finalizing the obtention of organic certifications such as ECOCERT so that we will guarantee the product being suitable for organic farming according to US, European and Japanese rules. 


Our future is HELLO NATURE®

Reflecting the company’s continued innovation and commitment to sustainability

Anderson, IN (January 19,2021) Three years after a major image rebrand, Italpollina, a world leader in producing organic fertilizers, natural biostimulants, and beneficial microbials for use in agriculture, is pleased to announce that their company name is now HELLO NATURE®.

This announcement comes as the company marks its 50th year in business, becoming a ‘historical brand’ in Italy, with a name that had become synonymous with quality, professionalism, and competence. This development, not the result of an acquisition or change of ownership, exemplifies the company’s progression, said Luca Bonini, CEO of HELLO NATURE®. “We have made a radical evolution from the fertilizer sector to becoming a world leader in the production of biostimulants, and ‘Italpollina’ no longer represents the complexity of our activity.”

During their rebranding process in 2017, Italpollina decided the tagline of “Hello Nature” clearly expressed their position in the market and supported their founding principle of growing a sustainable future. The slogan was very well received and became the logical choice for the new company name. The ‘Italpollina’ name will continue to be used for their classic poultry manure fertilizer product.

With a name like HELLO NATURE® comes responsibility for processes and products as close to nature as possible. According to Bonini, “Our role is to be leaders, and from a practical approach, we must put environmental sustainability at the forefront of our company’s activities.” He adds, “This name change also strengthens our support of global strategies in place to improve food security, including the Farm to Fork strategy of the European Union, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and the guidelines of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.”

The full transition to the new name will roll out across the globe throughout 2021, and the company expects to see some crossover on branded materials during this time. Internationally, branches will adopt the name at different rates depending on various bureaucracy considerations of the region.

About the new name, Bonini says, “HELLO NATURE says it all. It communicates who we are and what we stand for, and it represents our leadership of sustainable inputs in agriculture.”


HELLO NATURE® is a global leader producing organic fertilizers, 100% vegetal-based biostimulants, and beneficial microbials. Innovation has made HELLO NATURE® a worldwide leader – operating in 80 countries with five production sites, three R&D centers, and 14 commercial offices. Founded by Cav. Licinio Bonini in the 1970s, Italpollina, now named HELLO NATURE®, focuses on a sustainable and natural approach to agriculture, maintaining human and environmental health as paramount – a day closer to Nature. For more information, please visit .

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