Keylan advantages interview


KEYLAN is the new range of natural products, powered by KEY + technology, which will revolutionize the market of chelated micronutrients. KEYLAN is suitable to prevent and cure nutrient deficiency on a wide range of crops, through applications to the soil or by fertigation. To know more about why Hello Nature decided to launch this huge innovation today, and to learn more about the advantages of the new range keep reading the interview to Philippe Cognet, Chief Sales Officer at Hello Nature.

 Why does HELLO NATURE decide to launch KEYLAN today? 

In these days, the entire is under constant evolution to anticipate Food chain and consumers requirements. Among the most important parameters, following ones are systematically listed on top: be Green and natural, perform better by using less inputs, deliver new technologies harnessing the power of Nature. KEYLAN concept is reflecting and recapping all these parameters.
As HELLO NATURE we have always worked to discover and market Nature based solutions. This constant and consistent target led us over the years to play a major role in the biologicals segment.This role gives us for sure a greater responsibility but also a greater duty: we have to be the visible promoter of Nature-based technologies in every new product we develop. The KEYLAN concept also perfectly reflects and summarizes all our values. It is the sustainable and greener choice which had so far been lacking in the chelated micronutrient sector.

What does KEYLAN deliver concretely? What kind of profit will it bring to the customers and at the end to the growers?

KEYLAN is opening a new door, a door more biological, a door of a brand new Green chelation, or to put it another way, a new concept of Bio-chelation. Apart from existing chelates that have been marketed over the last 4 decades, KEYLAN is not made out of synthetic components, but it finds its source in the world of Vegetal. A natural approach, completely green, free from any potential harmful residues and which at the same time lead us to achieve: More with less.

What are the main agronomic advantages for the growers?

First of all, KEYLAN is not a product with a single mode of action. KEYLAN is combining the dual technologies of Biochelation and the boosting effect of vegetal peptidic Biostimulation. This unique combination is offering a more systemic and more concentrated product which deliver, as a first step, 3 specific benefits to any end-users:

  • The product that is 100% water soluble is not only facilitating the full absorption of micronutrients by the plant, but it is also ensuring a lasting availability of the element inside the plants as long, or in many cases, longer than any traditional synthetic chelates
  • KEYLAN has been specifically formulated to prevent any photosensitive issue. It is not degraded by UV and therefore can be used both on soil spreading application or in full hydroponic recycling systems without being degraded by UV treatments.
  • KEYLAN is efficient in any kind of PH solution. Acidic ones, basic ones, no problem, no more headache with adjusting the PH of your solution. You can safely apply Keylan and it does work optimally.

What are the other advantages of the new KEYLAN range?

On top of its agronomical features, KEYLAN is also delivering many induced advantages in terms of use, environment, and economic competitiveness for all. The product is easy to use, is easy to handle in its 1 or 5 Kg box but the most decisive aspect, the most relevant element, is that talking about Keylan Fe (iron) to be efficient in the field only requires half the dose of any standard synthetic chelates based on EDDHA. To prevent and cure iron deficiency growers generally use 20 Kg/ha of Iron chelate EDDHA on vineyards per year. In the case of KEYLAN we only applied 10 Kg/ha to achieve similar result and make plants fully resilient to iron deficiency. Yes! …10 Kg only! Just half a standard dose! By the way using half a dose also lead to very positive side effect in terms of friendly ecological approach. By applying KEYLAN Fe (iron), we do not only reduce the inputs in the plant or in the soil, we also reduce the environmental impact by diminishing transport and related logistic footprint.
Conceptually, agronomically, environmentally and economically KEYLAN will change the game. To sum it up, we’re all involved in this transition to build a more sustainable future. All of us we have to do own our part, but if we move ahead together, we shall go much faster and collectively we shall go much further.