KEYLAN is the new range of natural products, powered by KEY + technology, which will revolutionize the market of chelated micronutrients. But which is the meaning behind the name KEYLAN, which are the products of the KEYLAN range and what is the mode of application? To know more keep reading the interview to Alice Toderi, Chief Marketing Officer at Hello Nature.

Which is the meaning of KEY part of the KEYLAN name?

 At HELLO NATURE, we are convinced that PEPTIDES ARE THE KEY: in our actual biostimulant range, vegetal peptides are the key to obtain specific answers from plant cells such as root development or germination stimulation, stress resistance or fruit size increase. We continue to study vegetal peptide activities, precisely because we feel their enormous potential, and after long years of research, we found out that peptides are also able to chelate micronutrients, in the same or in a better way that chemical components do, but of, course, in a 100% natural way. To underline the role of the vegetal peptides in this new finding, we decided to call the technology behind KEY+ and to have the KEY word in the product’s name, because PEPTIDES ARE THE KEY to bio-chelate micronutrients.

Which is the meaning of LAN part of the KEYLAN name?

If peptides are the key, L A N is an acronym, of what it’s most important: LIFE, AGRICULTURE, NATURE. The product name KEYLAN embodies valuable values that we share. We believe in a greener Life which means making conscious and responsible choices and engaging in practices which minimize the environmental impact of our actions, day after day, in our daily activities.

KEYLAN will complete our offer of technologies for a greener life because it is:

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly without side effects for soil and water
  • Harmless to living organisms and respectful of biodiversity

We believe in a more sustainable agriculture and nowadays our duty is to foster environmental conservation by reducing pollution of precious resources, like water, by stopping soil degradation and by preserving agroecosystems.

KEYLAN plays a strategic role within our commitment to sustainability because it is:

  • a safer and more efficient form of nutrition
  • a dual action product combining the nutritional and the biostimulant activity
  • Allowed for the use in organic farming

Finally, we believe in the ability of Nature which inspires us every day and has the power to shape flawless substances, process, and mechanisms

KEYLAN is based on the ability of nature because it is:

  • of natural origin
  • optimal for plant use, derived from plants for plants
  • fully metabolized by plants, leaves no residues in the environment or in the crops

Which are the products of the KEYLAN range and what is the mode of application?

KEYLAN is a complete range of products in soluble powder form, powered by KEY+ technology, featuring Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc and 2 complexes, KEYLAN MAX including Iron and KEYLAN COMBI without it. KEYLAN is suitable to prevent and cure nutrient deficiency on a wild range of crops. It can be distributed through two main modalities: drip irrigation or soil injector. It is also suitable for crops grown in hydroponic conditions. The goal of the range is to supply micronutrients in a bio-chelated form to the plant in order to optimize their uptake, and at the same time to boost plant metabolism thanks to the peptide action.

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