With the commissioning of the new North American production facility, HELLO NATURE has met a new milestone in its growth strategy. One of the world’s largest biostimulant production facilities for use in agriculture is now officially opened and on its way to full production of the company’s hallmark 100% vegetal-based products. The new state-of-the-art plant, which also serves as the HELLO NATURE’s North American headquarters, will triple the company’s ability to produce their biostimulants, illustrating the company’s commitment to meeting the demands of the North American market. An official grand opening will be celebrated this fall.

“We are systematically working to bring the plant to full production,” said Jon Leman, Vice President of HELLO NATURE USA, Inc. “Currently in what we consider ‘phase 1,’ we are producing our core concentrate base product and we are very pleased with how we are progressing and meeting demand. We will continue to phase 2 over the next few months as we begin our blending capabilities and therefore expand to a full line of blended products by the end of the year, in good time for the 2019 growing season.”

HELLO NATURE has a long history in advanced crop nutrition and has shown a continued commitment to innovation and sustainability. For more than 50 years, Italpollina has utilized science to enhance agriculture and develop solutions in a more natural way, and they have been recognized for their attention to human health and the protection of the environment with several important international certifications.

The company is present in 80 countries and has grown to a global leader in three proprietary technologies for the production of organic fertilizers, beneficial microbials, and 100% vegetal-based biostimulants. Quality, innovation, and respect for nature are the leading values of the company. And an uncommon focus on research and technology is at the center of what they do – as illustrated by two research and development centers, with a third, Italpollina Park, slated to break ground later in 2018 adjacent to the newly commissioned plant in Anderson.

“The opening of the new plant is an important step for our future,” says Luca Bonini, CEO of HELLO NATURE. “The most innovative aspect of our company is our commitment to research and the resulting new technologies for sustainable agriculture. The biostimulants we are producing in this newly commissioned facility are the fruit of that work and a road to future technologies.”

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