At Italpollina, we aspire to profoundly impact sustainable agriculture with our biotechnological products. For 50 years, quality, innovation and respect for Nature have been our leading values. And we have led the continued growth of this industry with our uncommon focus on research and technology. While the last number of years has seen dramatic progress in the understanding and use of biostimulants for farmers around the globe, there is still an immense opportunity and need. With a growing populace, the environmental trends are unsustainable, and the use of innovative solutions are essential for the future of agriculture.

We, at Italpollina, are excited to lead the conversation about the contribution of bio-ag-science to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), and we hope to catalyze efforts across the industry. The very nature of Italpollina products, our production technologies, and their contribution to sustainability and the quality of food production naturally align with many of the goals. Even so, we would like to further dedicate our expertise and ingenuity, our people and ideas, and our passion.

As a corporate responsibility leader, we are proud to state our support of the SDGs and look forward to doing our part to support goals to help achieve the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our people will play an important role as we work together to determine focus areas and the commitments we can make. We will identify key performance parameters and assessment strategies. And we will report on our progress and share stories about the journey.

Will you join us? We can all have a role to play!