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Cerbero 13-40-13

Hello Nature’s Cerbero 13-40-13 is a water-soluble fertilizer that provides the precisely timed and spaced supplies of nutrients that your plants need to grow to new heights.

Correct fertigation, especially when combined with good basic organic fertilization, features important benefits from agronomic, economic and environmental standpoints. All water-soluble products, in the Cerbero range increase fertilizing efficiency and the localization of fertilizer around plants’ roots, even when crops are already in the field or dealing with stressors from the environment. All products of the Cerbero range from Hello Nature have high solubility, high assimilability, excellent quality-price ratio, enrichment with co-ingredients, and feature highly pure raw materials.


• 25kg
• 550kg


Application: As water-soluble fertilizer, it’s possible to apply pre-season or while crops are already in the field.


  • Loss of nutrients
  • Plant stress/shock
  • Labor requirements
  • Fertilizers application dose
  • Nutrient loss by leaching


  • Fertilizer efficiency
  • Yield size and quality of harvest
  • Vegetative growth
  • Robust and vibrant growth
  • Fertilization effectiveness

Application: As water-soluble fertilizer, it’s possible to apply pre-season or while crops are already in the field. Cerbero Green line:

  • NPK 11-22-30 + 2 MgO
  • NPK 13-40-13 + 2 MgO
  • NPK 15-5-30 + 2 MgO
  • NPK 20-20-20

Nitrogen (N)
Plays a very important role in various plant physiological processes. It imparts dark-green color in plants, promotes leaves, stem and other vegetative part’s growth and development. Moreover, it also stimulates root growth. N produces rapid early growth, enhances the growth of leafy vegetables, and increases protein content of fodder crops.

Phosphorus (P)
Is essential in photosynthesis and respiration. Seeds have the highest concentration of P in a mature plant, and P is required in large quantities in young cells, such as shoots and root tips, where metabolism is high and cell division is rapid. P aids in root development, flower initiation, and seed and fruit development.

Potassium (K)
Is vital for plant metabolism. It helps in the development of a strong and healthy root system and increases the efficiency of the uptake and use of nitrogen and other nutrients. K helps photosynthesis, regulates the water status in the plant and plays an essential part in the formation of starch and in the production and translocation of sugars. K not only increases yields but also enhances fruit quality, improving flavor and color and increasing the size.

Magnesium (Mg)
Is a major constituent of the chlorophyll molecule, and it is therefore actively involved in photosynthesis. It aids phosphate absorption and translocation, serving as a carrier of phosphate compounds through the plant. Mg facilitates translocation of carbohydrates (sugars and starches) and enhances the production of oils and fats.

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