NUTRIMYR Calcium-Magnesium

Liquid organic-mineral fertilizer with Calcium and Magnesium

NUTRIMYR CALCIUM-MAGNESIUM is an organic-mineral liquid fertilizer ideal for providing plants with calcium, magnesium, plant amino acids and nitrogen.

CALCIUM: it prevents the diseases caused by calcium-deficiency  (eg.bitter pit of the apple, blossom-end rot of tomatoes, desiccation of the spine in grapevine, tip burn (necrosis) of lettuce, etc..). Calcium also improves quality, consistency and shelf life of fruits.

MAGNESIUM: it stimulates the formation of chlorophyll and improves the photosynthetic activity. It increases yield and the quality of the harvest (higher content of sugars, more intense color of leaves and fruits, ...)

NITROGEN (chemical + organic) enhances the development of the plant and has a synergistic action in the absorption of calcium.



The product respects the environment during production.

No residues

It leaves no harmful residues on agricultural products and has no shortage times.

Vegetarian Friendly

All raw materials are of vegetable origin and do not contain animal proteins.

Chlorine Free

The potassium contained in the fertilizer was not obtained using potassium chloride.


Total Nitrogen (N)
Organic Nitrogen (N)
Nitric Nitrogen (N)
Biological organic carbon (C)
Calcium Oxide (CaO) water soluble
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) water soluble

PACKAGE: Packaging by 1L, 5L, 20L.

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