Oasi 4

The balanced one

OASI 4 is a liquid organo-mineral fertilizer with a balanced content of NPK (4-4-4) which improves plant development and fruit quality. Peptides and extracts of vegetal origin support the plant during climatic stresses and stimulate plant metabolism. The presence of organic matter and peptides makes it suitable also for tired, poor in organic substance or light soils. Due to the bond between organic elements and mineral ones its use is very flexible.



The product respects the environment during production.

No residues

It leaves no harmful residues on agricultural products and has no shortage times.

Vegetarian Friendly

All raw materials are of vegetable origin and do not contain animal proteins.

Chlorine Free

The potassium contained in the fertilizer was not obtained using potassium chloride.


Total Nitrogen (N)
Organic Nitrogen (N)
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N)
Ureic Nitrogen (N)
Nitric Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P₂O₅) total
Potassium Oxide (K₂O) water soluble
Organic carbon (C)

Other Parameters

Specific weight
1,2 kg/L

PACKAGE: OASI 4 is available in tank of 20 L and 1000 L.

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