A greener LIFE

Living a greener life means making conscious and responsible choices and engaging in practices which minimize the negative environmental impact of our actions, day after day in our daily activities. It means promote the health of ecosystems choosing eco-friendly, biodegradable products and technologies of natural origin, which are respectful of the environment and living organisms.

KEYLAN will complete our offer of technologies for a greener life.

A more sustainable AGRICULTURE

Agriculture is one of the human activities that most impact the environment and nowadays our duty is to protect, preserve and enhance the natural resources of our planet: to foster environmental conservation by reducing pollution of precious resources, like water, by stopping soil degradation and by preserving agroecosystems. Our goal is to promote low environmental impact inputs and practices, like organic farming, as a fundamental step to develop a more sustainable agriculture, to meet the food needs of today’s society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

KEYLAN plays a strategic role within our commitment to sustainability.

The ability of NATURE

Nature has the ability to shape flawless substances, process and mechanisms. Nature is complex, powerful, complete and perfect at the same time. We learn from it every day to design unique and cutting-edge solutions with the goal of building a more sustainable future for agriculture and for our planet. In KEYLAN, we take advantage of Nature’s ability to find the perfect way for the absorption of micronutrients.



The goal of the range is to supply micronutrients in a biochelated form to the plant in order to optimize their uptake, and at the same time to boost plant metabolism thanks to the peptide action.

KEYLAN is suitable for a wide range of crops featuring KEYLAN FE, KEYLAN Ca, KEYLAN Mn, KEYLAN Zn, KEYLAN COMBI, & KEYLAN MAX. Do you want to know more about the product range and its advantages?

KEY+ Technology

KEY+ is a disruptive technology which will revolutionize the market of chelated micronutrients

It’s the sustainable, effective and greener choice which had so far been lacking in this sector.

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To confirm the benefits of the KEYLAN range we have performed many trials on a huge variety of crops, testing its effectiveness in comparison with the most know products on the market…And we have tremendous results! Do you want to understand how it performs on the crop of your interest? Just sign up to be informed