09/06/2017 14:01:26
Italpollina rethinks its brand identity, a tribute to Nature, a glance to the Future, but without forgetting its original values.

The renovation and development projects of Italpollina successfully continue to move forward.

2017 is a a very important year for the company, which is getting ready for the inauguration of the USA factory plant; a plant which will consolidate the Italpollina positioning in the sector worldwide.

Italpollina, following its evolution and considering also the fast changing market in which it operates, decided to affirm its growth also through the definition of a new brand identity. A modern and up-to-date image, stating strongly the values of passion, innovation and sustainability which today are the basis for the company philosophy.

A simplistic yet global image, recognizable in the same way in every country of activity.

The new Italpollina look is synthetized in the logo, where the main reference symbol (a rooster) does not change, but renovates itself. The rooster is a strong element, that has been linked since the establishment of the company. It also represents the positioning that Italpollina has in the marketplace and confirms the desire to continue on this path as a market leader.

It is a rooster very different from the past: it is more proud, it looks forward, towards the future, and is represented while singing, reminding of the awakening and the rebirth, with a wide and dynamic tail, resembling hills and plowed fields.

The emphasis of the O letter inside the Italpollina name has a very precise meaning: it makes you think of a rising sun, with its yellow color and the matching slogan “Hello Nature!” symbolizing the awakening of the new day, a day closer to Nature.

“As a whole, the logo has to tell our story – states Luca Bonini, CEO of Italpollina – The story of a company that for fifty years is at the farmer’s side, to support them taking care of their crops in a natural and innovative way, as told clearly by our mission statement.”

The renovation of the Italpollina image does not stop with the logo restyling, but spreads out in every element of the brand identity: from the website, to the merchandising of our products, to the new ad and press campaign.

“The aim of this new press campaign as for the new corporate video is not to promote our products, well represented and explained in the new website. We want images to embody our leading values: the shade of the rooster stretching over different crops represents our determination to be at farmers side in every corner of the world since the first dawning lights, and the research, that has enabled us to provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions, and at the same time more sustainable, in full respect of Nature and human health alike” concludes Bonini.