AgVive 3G

Prevents and treats chlorosis with high-efficiency iron chelate


This high efficiency Iron Chelate (EDDHA) prevents and treats Iron Chlorosis on all crops and ornamentals. It contains 100% Iron Chelate in Ortho-Ortho isomer form, and it is combined with Plant Stimulating Peptides and Italpollina’s Trichoderma MUCL45632 for ideal mobility, absorption and assimilation of iron in plants. The clay granules are an excellent mechanism to maximize the release of active ingredients to the seedling throughout germination and early plant growth - allowing for a close application to the seed in the furrow.

  • High efficiency Iron Chelate (EDDHA) in 100% Ortho-Ortho isomer form
  • Plant Stimulating Peptides provide signaling action that is only available from vegetal sources and are critical for iron (Fe) uptake
  • Plant Stimulating Peptides increase iron use efficiency allowing lower application rates yet better absorption
  • Biological activity of Italpollina’s Trichoderma Atroviride* further enhances iron absorption via the stimulation of root surface growth
  • Formulated on clay granules to maximize the release of active ingredients

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