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Grotab is Hello Nature’s innovative biostimulant in tablet form created specifically for improving soil fertility, root establishment, and nutrient uptake of the plant. Because Grotab is made exclusively with selected, patented, and proprietary beneficial microbials, it begins working upon application and continues to boost plant metabolism throughout the growth cycle.

Grotab from Hello Nature is a natural product containing mycorrhizal fungi (Funneliformis mosseae and Rhizoglomus irregulare), Trichoderma atroviride, and organic matter which work with nutrients in the soil to help establishment, root development, and overall healthier growth of the plant. Natural compounds help stimulate root growth, and the solubilization of phosphorus is improved due to the contents. With Grotab, you can expect better tolerance to abiotic stress, better yield, quality and consistency, and an increase of fruit shelf life with resistance to transport.

*Also available in powder


1500 Tablets


Nursery and Landscape Ornamentals – 1 or 2 tablets per plant as determined by plant size
Horticulture under Greenhouse – 1 tablet per plant
New Vineyards – 2 tablets per plant
Fruit Trees – 2 tablets per plant
Vegetable and Garden Plants – 1 tablet per plant


  • Decreased root stress
  • Plant stress
  • Transplantation shock
  • Climatic and other abiotic stresses
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Fruit drop
  • Fruit cracking


  • Uptake of nutrients and essential elements
  • Fertilizer efficiency
  • Root health and colonization
  • Soil fertility and vitality
  • Phosphorus and Iron solubilization
  • Lateral root development
  • Fruit shelf life and consistency
  • Yield and quality traits of fruits
  • Plant metabolism
  • Plant establishment

Use during transplantation to help reduce plant stress. Dig, drop the tablet into the ground, and plant on top.


Plant Dosage
Orchards (apple, peach, etc.) 2 tablets/plant
Banana 1 tablet/plant
Palm and Palm Oil 2 tablets/plant
New Vineyards 1 tablet/plant
Nursery and Ornamentals 1 tablet/plant
Greenhouse Horticulture 1 tablet/plant

Industries: Nursery, horticultural crops under greenhouse, arboriculture, ornamentals, viticulture

Trichoderma Atroviride MUCL45632
Hello Nature’s exclusive, patented strain of a beneficial fungus that naturally occurs in soils and plants. Once applied, it stimulates plant development and improves plant productivity increasing absorption of nutrients, effectiveness of the use of nitrogen and solubility of nutrients in the soil, in particular phosphorus. This fungus is also able to induce the formation of rootlets and stimulate the colonization of the rhizosphere and root by other beneficial microorganisms.

Mycorrhizal Fungi
A naturally occurring fungus found in both plants and soil which stimulates a symbiotic association between plant roots and specific fungi of the soil. Mycorrhizal fungi colonize the plant roots and provide them with mineral elements and water they extract from the soil through an external net of hyphae, while the plant supplies the Mycorrhizal Fungi with radical organic compounds and sugar. Both of Hello Nature’s exclusive, patented strains of Mycorrhizal Fungi (Rhizoglomus irregulare and Funneliformis mossae) are developed using the “In Vivo Technique,” which produces more effective and resistant mycorrhizal fungi.

Organic Matter
Primarily composed of carbon, organic matter in soil has direct benefits for agricultural production. Soil organic matter plays a vital part in enhancing soil fertility and quality, on three levels: chemical (capacity to store and supply essential nutrients), physical (improve soil structure and water holding capacity), biological (enhance biodiversity, improve microorganisms’ activity, and capture carbon).

Product Tab Form

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