Plant Stimulating Peptides - PSP

Innovative system for the production of biostimulants of vegetal origin.

Hello Nature, thanks to its innovative production facilities, is one of the largest producers in the world of biostimulants for agriculture based on 100% vegetal protein hydrolysates. Starting from vegetal raw materials of excellent quality and through an exclusive process, Hello Nature offers a wide range of biostimulant products.

Peptides are the keys ®​

Hello Nature’s Vegetal Protein Hydrolysate products are made exclusively from the highest quality, non-GMO vegetal sources and are guaranteed to contain no animal by-products. They are produced using a proprietary Enzymatic Hydrolysis process. We call them Plant Stimulating Peptides (PSP).

Unlike free amino acids, PSP have a more prominent, assured, and natural biostimulant effect to enhance nutrient absorption, mitigate the effects of abiotic stress and increase fertilizer efficiency.

Peptides play a prominent role in plant physiology allowing information exchange between cells in order to regulate growth, development and stress defence actions. Biologically active peptides obtained through the production process of Enzymatic Hydrolysis act on specific receptors present on the cell membrane obtaining specific cell answers and thus inducing specific reactions from the plant such as rhizogenesis or germination stimulation, stress resistance or fruit size increase.

Activate cell response

  • Improvement of lateral root development
  • Enhancement of nutrient uptake assimilation
  • Increase of stress resistance of the plant

With PSP we obtain Vegetarian Friendly products, ensuring that no animal protein is used on the fruits and vegetables treated with our foliar fertilizers.

In order to guarantee vegetarians consumers, we decided to identify our formulas based on vegetal proteins with a logo and a clear policy: fertilizers made EXCLUSIVELY with raw materials and products of VEGETAL ORIGIN.

Using only vegetal raw materials (GM FREE) we provide the maximum health and environmental safety. No risk of contamination from ESB, Salmonella, Escherichia coli and other pathogens from animal origin.

  • They stimulate photosynthesis and plant growth.
  • Increase of resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  • Increase of yield.
  • Better assimilation of nitrogen and trace elements.
  • Improve of ripening and fruit organoleptic quality.
  • Lateness of senescence process.
  • Better lignification.
  • They play hormone-like action.
  • They improve protein synthesis.
  • Beneficial effect on plant metabolism.
  • Synergistic action with most crop protection products.

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