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We put our experience and ingenuity, our skills, our passion and our technologies at the service of the planet, to build a more sustainable future together.

Every day, for fifty years, we have been cultivating our ideal of a sustainable future.

Our commitment to sustainability

As a leader in the field of sustainability, we are proud to declare our commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The very nature of HELLO NATURE® products, our production technologies, with their contribution to the sustainability and quality of food production naturally align with many of the objectives. We have chosen to focus on ten of them, for each of which we have set ourselves goals to be achieved in the next decade.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Hello Nature® for Goal #2

  • Production of biostimulants and fertilizers that improve the quality of the food produced.
  • Key player in the industry in promoting innovation and adopting the use of biostimulants with the aim of increasing the efficiency and quality of global agriculture.

How do we measure our actions?

  • Continuous investments in Research, Development & Innovation.
  • Management of the Biostimulant.com that allows access to free, objective and complete information on the world of biostimulants.
  • To encourage the distribution of our products in new and developing markets.
  • Hello Nature Forest project in collaboration with Treedom, to plant fruit trees in developing countries, thus favoring the economy of local populations.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Hello Nature® for Goal #3

  • Production of solutions that improve food quality indicators such as content in nutrients and proteins.
  • Production of products suitable for the production of vegan food

How do we measure our actions?

  • Certifications obtained: CDFA, FiBL, OMRI, Argencert, Assofertilizzanti
  • Continuous investments in Research, Development & Innovation
  • Compliance for the Italpollina factory with EC Reg. 1069/2009 (strict rules for the processing of animal by-products)

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Hello Nature® for Goal #5

  • Corporate commitment to gender equality of wages and opportunities.

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Hello Nature® for Goal #6

  • Products that reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, decreasing nitrogen leaching phenomena and the consequent eutrophication of water.
  • Products that promote more efficient use of water, for example through fertigation techniques

How do we measure our actions?

  • Continuous investments in Research, Development & Innovation

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Hello Nature® for Goal #8

  • Corporate commitment to development-oriented policies and robust business practices to ensure the future growth of the company and the creation of quality jobs.
  • Promotion of productivity through technological innovation, vocational training, creativity and innovation.

How do we measure our actions?

  • Introducing MS Dynamics and established technology initiatives to improve productivity.
  • Field Atlas project in the USA, to help students learn about different business areas.
  • Internships in different departments of the company to train young people in the world of work.
  • “Responsible Care” certification

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Hello Nature® for Goal #9

  • Global production infrastructure for the benefit of several regions.
  • Corporate commitment to innovation through research structures and collaboration relationships.

How do we measure our actions?

  • 4 Production sites, 12 commercial branches, 3 R&D sites.
  • Participation in the Interreg Project, programme of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for cooperation between regions of the European Union
  • Partnerships with INRAE; University of Tuscia; Purdue University and other research organizations.
  • Collaboration with InnovaFeed for research projects.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Hello Nature® for Goal #12

Production of products that support the principles of circular economy. For the Italpollina factory, the circular economy can be divided into:

  • Sustainable supply chain
    Supply of raw materials (pollen) from local producers, preference for the use of renewable raw materials instead of minerals (non-renewable), without GMOs, proximity of production units to deposits (to lower transport costs).
  • Eco-Design
    Electrical cogeneration, dehydration of the product to limit the amount of water to be transported, low impact of the raw material (manure), fertilizers designed to concentrate nutrients
  • Industrial symbiosis
    Partnership with local farmers, enhancement of all by-products of poultry farming, maintenance of employment in rural areas, mutualization of transport
  • Responsible consumption
    Communication with customers to make their choice responsible (label “sustainable fertilizer”, organic farming …), Scientific information, “multipurpose” fertilizers (reduction of transport, storage, number of applications…)
  • Longest usage timeProducts designed to maintain their characteristics during storageFor the factory in Anderson – IN (USA): principle of industrial symbiosis – proximity to raw materials / partnership with local growers.
  • Effective end-of-life product management
  • Production of products that improve soils thanks to the presence of organic matter or the addition of beneficial microorganisms – as an essential link to the life and nature cycle.
  • Production of products from residues from the production process.

How do we measure our actions?

  • Business project “Zero paper” – decrease in the use of printing paper catalogs, flyers, less use of paper in offices.
  • Drafting of a sustainability report on a regular basis starting from 2021 to 2022.
  • Initiative to increase the use of recycled materials in product packaging.
  • Certification by Fertilisant Durable (France)
  • REACH compliance (EC 1907/2006 – responsibility for managing risks arising from chemicals and providing information on the safety of substances).
  • Replacement of several liquid products with soluble products with consequent reduction of packaging, transit costs and emissions.
  • SOVEEA – initiative to recycle empty packaging of fertilizers and soil improvers (France).

Goal 13: Climate Action

Hello Nature® for Goal #13

  • Production of products that preserve and increase biodiversity and reduce the impact of carbon due to agricultural practices.
  • Creation of the Hello Nature Forest in partnership with Treedom.

How do we measure our actions?

  • Partner of the “4 per 1000” initiative that encourages the transition to responsible and highly resilient agriculture based on appropriate land and land management, ensuring sustainability.
  • The 1500 trees we plant in the Hello Nature Forest over the next 3 years will absorb CO2 and help reduce the negative climate impact due to some farming practices.

Goal 15: Life on Land

Hello Nature® for Goal #15

  • Our products improve soil fertility, soil quality, the way nutrients and water are retained and used by plants while also preserving and increasing biodiversity.

How do we measure our actions?

  • Continuous investments in Research, Development & Innovation.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Hello Nature® for Goal #17

  • Communicate your company’s commitment to SDGs to encourage its adoption across the industry and in the company’s supply chains.

How do we measure our actions?

  • Our communication scheme provides for the mention of SDGs in all our communication media (site, flyer, social media, newsletters, etc…) to increase awareness on this topic along the supply chain.
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