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Production Technologies

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The excellent quality of our formulations is guaranteed by innovative production technologies developed by the HELLO NATURE® Research and Development Center, a global and cutting-edge reference point for sustainable and integrated agriculture. Proprietary know-how, together with the use of carefully selected raw materials and exclusive transformation processes, make HELLO NATURE® a pioneer in the production of natural fertilizer solutions based on manure, biostimulants of 100% vegetable origin and beneficial microorganisms.


The production technologies developed by the HELLO NATURE® Research and Development center:


– Dehydration in controlled environment: for the production of organic fertilizers using poultry manure as raw material. This production technology, unique in the world, uses a succession of machinery destined for a transformation process designed to preserve the nitrogenous substances and other nutrients present in the raw material as much as possible. Undoubtedly, one of the principles that moves the economy of the fertilizer production sector starting from manure, is the maximization of the reuse of the resources still present in the byproducts of the agro-livestock chain. This model represents one of the most excellent examples of the application of the circular economy.


– Live reproduction: exclusive and unique technology for the production of high-quality mycorrhizal fungi, with a strong ability to colonize the roots of plants and adapt to different conditions and types of soil.


– PSP (Plant Stimulating Peptides): exclusive process of enzymatic hydrolysis that uses raw materials of the highest quality for the production of biostimulants containing peptides of 100% vegetable origin.


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In controlled enviromnent


In vivo reproduction

Of beneficial microbials


Plant Stimulating Peptides (PSP)