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Myr zinc is high-quality zinc nutrient blend with proprietary Plant Stimulating Peptides allowing an efficient, rapid absorption and translocation into plant tissues. Myr zinc reduces stress and promotes cell growth, improving fruit color while reducing the likelihood of dwarfism, bleached maize shoots, fruit drop, and production losses caused by Zinc deficiency.

Myr Zinc prevents and treat physiological disorders caused by zinc deficiency, which can be very severe for selected crops such as corn. Plants look better and grow stronger with Myr zinc, which promotes cell growth, plant and root development, shoot growth, and new leaf formation. With Myr zinc, it’s possible to improve fruit color, reduce fruit drop, avoid production losses and protect against the stresses that may harm your crops, especially cold temperatures. Plant Stimulating Peptides in this formula aid nutrient uptake while providing nutritional and biostimulant benefits. The product can be safely used with herbicides, fungicides, biocontrols, insecticides, growth regulators, and other fertilization products.


  • 1L
  • 2.5 GAL
  • 5L
  • 150 GAL
  • 265 GAL


In average conditions:
Vegetables 16 to 32 fl.oz. per acre
Orchards 16 to 32 fl.oz. per acre
Vineyards 16 to 32 fl.oz. per acre
Corn 16 to 32 fl.oz. per acre


● Climatic stress/Weather stress
● Dwarfism
● Bleached maize shoots
● Fruit drop
● Physiological disorders
● Zinc deficiency
● Production losses
● Nutritional imbalance


● Stress recovery
● Nutritional status of the crop
● Homogeneities
● Nutritional function/actions
● Fruit color and size
● Vegetative growth
● Absorption of elements
● Cells growth
● Root development

Apply Myr zinc during the coolest hours of the day, either in the morning or evening, to obtain the maximum amount of absorption through the leaves and to obtain the best effectiveness.

In average conditions:
Vegetables 16 to 32 fl.oz. per acre During vegetative growth – approx. 3 applications
Orchards 16 to 32 fl.oz. per acre To cover Zn deficiency post-flowering
Vineyards 16 to 32 fl.oz. per acre From 5-6 leaves to flowering stage – approx. 3 applications
Corn 16 to 32 fl.oz. per acre 5-6 leaves

Industries: Row crop growers, specialty crops, horticulture, hydroponic (soil-less), arboriculture, viticulture, greenhouse

Zinc (Zn)
Zinc (Zn) is a key component of many proteins and enzymes. It is used in the formation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates, conversion of starches to sugars and its presence in plant tissue helps the plant to withstand cold temperatures. Zn contributes to growth hormone production and stem elongation.

Vegetal Protein Hydrosylates
Vegetal protein hydrolysates: HELLO NATURE ’s Vegetal Protein Hydrolysate products are made exclusively from the highest quality, non-GMO vegetal sources and are guaranteed to contain no animal by-products. They are produced using a proprietary Enzymatic Hydrolysis process. They naturally contain organic nitrogen, organic carbon and Plant Stimulating Peptides.

Plant Stimulating Peptides
Plant Stimulating Peptides (PSP): The result of our exclusive Enzymatic Hydrolysis process. This pool of selected peptides has a prominent, assured, and natural biostimulant effect to enhance root development, seed germination and emergence, improve nutrient uptake, mitigate the effects of abiotic stress and increase fertilizer efficiency. PSP also help to prevent diseases by increasing health levels in plants.

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