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Atriva 250

Atriva 250 Biostimulant is Hello Nature’s unique soluble powder created especially for fertigation by way of drip lines or root drench. It delivers Plant Stimulating Peptides together with mycorrhizae directly to the roots which results in enhanced root development and growth, as well as increased nutrient uptake for the life of the plant.

Hello Nature combines unique Plant Stimulating Peptides, and Mycorrhizae to create Atriva 250 Biostimulant, a completely natural soluble powder that works on a wide spectrum of plants (vegetables, fruits, trees, grasses, and flowers) to prevent transplant shock and stress, increase nutrient absorption, and promote root and plant development  by boosting plant metabolism. Atriva  250 Biostimulant is perfect for sustainable agriculture practices being free from GMOs, contaminants, pathogens, or animal by-products and it is efficient to vitalize growth, prime plants for future stress and help in soil structure improvement.


• 1kg
• 20lbs
• 40lbs


General Use: 12 to 16 oz. per acre


  • Plant Stress/Shock
  • Climatic and other abiotic stresses
  • Plant loss (from drought and heat)
  • Root Stress
  • Physiological disorders
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Soil tiredness


  • Root Establishment/Health/quality
  • Nutrient Uptake capabilities
  • Robust and Vibrant Growth
  • Fertilizer Efficiency
  • Tolerance against climatic stress
  • Promotes stress recovery
  • Boost plant metabolism
  • Soil structure
  • Water and nutrient use efficiency

Atriva 250 is a soluble powder designed for applications in fertigation, with drip lines, or as a root drench. We recommend one application at time of transplant, or can be applied via fertigation or root drench anytime throughout the growing season.

General Use: 12 to 16 oz. per acre. For specific recommendations, contact an authorized HELLO NATURE representative.

Atriva 250 is compatible with most common fertilizers, herbicides and some fungicides. The application of fungicides and chemical phosphate fertilizers may slow the development of mycorrhizae

Industries: Landscape, Greenhouse, Nursery, Hydroponic, Horticultural, and Specialty Crops

HELLO NATURE ’s Vegetal Protein Hydrolysate products are made exclusively from the highest quality, non-GMO vegetal sources and are guaranteed to contain no animal by-products. They are produced using a proprietary Enzymatic Hydrolysis process. They naturally contain organic nitrogen, organic carbon, and Plant Stimulating Peptides

The result of our exclusive Enzymatic Hydrolysis process. This pool of selected peptides has a prominent, assured, and natural biostimulant effect to enhance root development, seed germination and emergence, improve nutrient uptake, mitigate the effects of abiotic stress, and increase fertilizer efficiency. PSP also help to prevent diseases by increasing health levels in plants.

Is a symbiotic association between plant roots and some fungi of the soil. Mycorrhizal fungi colonize the plant roots and provide them with mineral elements and water they extract from soil through an external net of hyphae, whilst the plant supplies the micro-organism with radical organic compounds and sugar. Our two exclusive strains of mycorrhizae (Rhizoglomus irregulare and Funneliformis mossae) are developed with the IN VIVO TECHNIQUE which allows to obtain more effective and resistant mycorrhizal fungi.

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