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Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. It aims to minimize human impact on the environment while maintaining the natural functionality of the agricultural system. Organic agriculture was established to improve food safety, increase soil fertility and biodiversity, protect the environment and the sustainable development of ecosystems.

This means that organic farming tends to have a limited environmental impact as it encourages:

  • responsible use of energy and natural resources;
  • maintenance of biodiversity;
  • preservation of regional ecological balances;
  • enhancement of soil fertility;
  • maintenance of water quality.

All growers have an interest in gaining back the yield potential lost due to abiotic stresses.

It’s proven that on the average, farmers are able to harvest only 50% of the yield potential. The yield gap can be caused by biotic and abiotic stresses with a stronger negative impact and significant yield loss due to abiotic stresses. In fact, abiotic stresses like heat, cold, salt, drought and flooding caused from 65 to 75% of the yield gap, while biotic stress only 25 to 35%.

Biostimulants are known to enhance the tolerance of plants and crops to abiotic stresses and allow to achieve a higher level of yield in situations where the environmental conditions are not optimal which will be always more common due to climate change and soil degradation all over the world.

When a plant comes under significant stress reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels can increase considerably and cause cellular damage. This damage can range from slight to severe, vary by type of abiotic stress, severity, duration, and the number of occurrences.  Regardless of how abiotic stress presents itself, a grower needs to mitigate it and get crops back in a positive growth pattern to realize its full yield potential.

Biostimulants regulate phytohormones, obtaining an answer from the plant in order to improve tolerance to the stress.

To mitigate the impact of abiotic stress biostimulants can be applied in:

  • Pre-stress application for plant priming (forecast the stress) is the more effective strategy to reduce crop damage and protect the critical crop stages. In fact, biostimulants act as plant priming agents. Priming is a physiological state by which a plant is prepared to respond more rapidly or stronger to a future stress
  • Post-stress application for plant recovery from stress.

Increasing the use of biostimulants means reducing the gap between the potential yield and the harvested yield.

Hello Nature biostimulants have been shown to improve crop stress response by regulate phytohormones, obtaining an answer from the plant in order to improve tolerance to the stress and activate mechanisms which allow the plant to bypass or limit the impact of abiotic stresses and thus preserve yield, mainly by maintaining photosynthetic activity or the turgor of cells.

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As HELLO NATURE we have always worked to discover and market Nature based solutions and this constant and consistent target led us over the years to play a major role in the biologicals segment. We want every product developed in our laboratories to be based on technologies inspired by Nature, innovative and able to guarantee a more sustainable future for agriculture and our planet.

Organic fertilizers: completely natural, the result of a careful selection of the starting organic substance (manure certified from a health viewpoint) and coming exclusively from affiliated farms. HELLO NATURE ensures the maximum health care and at the same time provides a biologically active product. It improves the physical, chemical and biological fertility of the soil.

Useful microorganisms: for soil application, able to regulate and / or improve the physiological processes of crops:

  • Mycorrhizae: obtained through an exclusive in vivo production process, with high colonization capacity of the rhizosphere and roots.
  • Trichoderma atroviride: antagonistic fungus that easily colonizes the rhizosphere, improving plant growth and their resistance. Exclusive HELLO NATURE strain isolated and deposited in an international reference collection.

100% plant-based biostimulants: obtained through an exclusive process of enzymatic hydrolysis with a high content of PSP (Plant Stimulanting Peptides). PSP have a natural biostimulant effect, they play a prominent role in plant physiology allowing information exchange between cells in order to regulate growth, development and stress defense actions. Using only vegetal raw materials (GM FREE) we provide the maximum health and environmental safety (low salinity, no antibiotics nor heavy metals). Our vegetal protein hydrolysates can be employed without restrictions in organic cultivation while animal protein hydrolysates can be applied in a limited way.

Our solutions for organic farming offer growers the opportunity to enhance soil health, improve soil fertility, increase the yield and quality, and reduce residue.

Our products are approved by certification bodies, which guarantee the farmer that the product complies with the necessary requirements for use in organic farming.

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