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has always been committed to the development of innovative solutions able to meet the needs of farmers and promote the development of the agricultural sector with the utmost respect for the environment, operators and consumers. The company adheres to many trade associations, often as a founding member, both at national and international level which allow you to stay constantly updated and participate in the development of the reference markets:

– Trade associations in the fertilizers and biostimulants sector that represent, protect and promote the interests of the production category.

– Representative associations for manufacturers of products suitable for use in organic farming, dedicated to promoting continuous improvements in the regulatory process of organic products that help growers provide healthy and affordable fruit and vegetables to consumers around the world.

– Associations for the promotion and development of the circular economy, which promote information, awareness and growth for the creation of the circular model.

– Packaging recycling associations, which exercise collective action to recycle empty packaging of fertilizers and soil improvers. Recycled packaging can be reused saving on raw materials and energy consumption derived from production. Furthermore, disposal in landfills and the related economic and environmental impact are avoided.

– Standardization associations, are a guarantee of compliance with quality standards towards consumers as well as denominations, technical and safety characteristics and test methods.

– Associations for the promotion of sustainable agriculture, soil health and food safety.

You can find the associations we join below. Take a look to find out more.


AFAIA  is the French representative voice of producers of organic fertilizers and plant biostimulants.


ASSOFERTILIZZANTI  protects and represents all the production companies of the fertilizer sector in Italy.


The Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) is the US representative voice of producers of biological products.


EBIC promotes the growth and development of the European Biostimulant Industry.


ECOFI promotes the contribution made by the organic-based fertilizers sector to the emergence of an environmentally sustainable economy in Europe.


IEC is the French institute engaged on the promotion of the circular economy.


SOVEAA manages the recycle of empty packaging of fertilizers and amendments.


The aim of this initiative is to demonstrate that agriculture, and agricultural soils in particular, can play a crucial role where food security and climate change are concerned.

ISO/TC 134

The scope of ISO/TC 134 is the international standardization in the field of fertilizers and soil conditioners.

ISO/TC 134

The scope of ISO/TC 134 is the international standardization in the field of fertilizers and soil conditioners.

CEN/TC 455

The scope of CEN/TC 455 is the European standardization of denominations, specifications (including safety requirements), marking and test methods allowing the verification of product claims for Plant Biostimulants, including Agricultural Micro-organisims.


The scope of AFNOR- BN FERTI is the French standardization of fertilizers, growing media, mulches, their components and additives, as well as methods for characterizing them. 


UNI/UNICHIM is the Italian association for the standardization in the cheminical industry sector.