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Coveron Stim

Hello Nature’s Coveron Stim is an innovative liquid biostimulant for seed treatment that is created using our exclusive production process, which results in 100% vegetal, non-GMO Plant Stimulating Peptides that continually work to nourish the plant from root to tip, leading to higher yields and quality of harvest.

Coveron Stim is a liquid solution for seed treatment from Hello Nature created using Vegetal Protein Hydrolysates (VPH), and a unique production process. This unique combination results in Plant Stimulating Peptides specifically containing LRPP (Lateral Root Promoting Peptide) that has a strong and direct action on germination and root development. The unique formula also increases nutrient uptake and protects from stress and shock for the life of the plant. This product is useful for most seeds (wheat, corn, sunflower, soy, rapeseed) and compatible with most phytosanitary products for seed treatments


• 1L
• 5L
• 20L
• 1200kg IBC


Dosage for 100 kg of seeds: 100 mL.


  • Climatic and abiotic stresses
  • Plant stress/shock
  • Root Stress
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Nutritional imbalances


  • Uptake of nutrients and essential elements
  • Lateral root development
  • Root health and colonization
  • Seed germination and emergence
  • Stress recovery and resistance
  • Plant energy production
  • Yield size and quality of harvest

Dosage for 100 kg of seeds: 100 mL.

It can be used as a complement to traditional seed treatments.
Before using Coveron Stim, we recommend testing for compatibility with other products and to add it at last, while keeping agitation in the mixture.

Industries: Row crop growers, greenhouse, nursery, vegetables industrial crops

Vegetal protein hydrolysates
HELLO NATURE ’s Vegetal Protein Hydrolysate products are made exclusively from the highest quality, non-GMO vegetal sources and are guaranteed to contain no animal by-products. They are produced using a proprietary Enzymatic Hydrolysis process. They naturally contain organic nitrogen, organic carbon and Plant Stimulating Peptides.

Plant Stimulating Peptides (PSP)
The result of our exclusive Enzymatic Hydrolysis process. This pool of selected peptides has a prominent, assured, and natural biostimulant effect to enhance root development, seed germination and emergence, improve nutrient uptake, mitigate the effects of abiotic stress, and increase fertilizer efficiency. PSP also help to prevent diseases by increasing health levels in plants.

Lateral Root Promoting Peptide (LRPP)
It is a plant biostimulant molecule which has been isolated after several years of R&D collaboration by HELLO NATURE and Universities. Natural LRPP is preserved by HELLO NATURE’s proprietary process of 100% vegetal protein hydrolysis. It is a pool of peptides that improves lateral rooting and plant development.

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