Atriva 250

A synergy of technologies to boost fertigation

Atriva 250 is a soluble powder, ideal for fertigation. It provides carefully sequenced biostimulant actions that work together to strengthen fertigation.

The Plant Stimulating Peptides immediately activate natural processes to vitalize plant growth and help overcome such things as transplant stress. This fortifies the plant as the mycorrhizae colonize to further develop the root system for a dramatic increase in nutrient absorption capability. This combination of technologies results in plants that are primed for maximum nutrient uptake and use efficiency, resistance to stress, and robust growth.


Allowed In Organic Farming

The fertilizer can be used in organic farming pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 75/2010 and of EC Reg. 834/2007.


Organic Nitrogen (N)
Funneliformis mosseae
125 spores/g
Rhizoglomus irregulare
125 spores/g
Mycorrhizal fungi
250 spores/g

Other Parameters

soluble powder

Atriva 250 is a soluble powder allowed in organic farming according to EC REG. 834/2007.

PACKAGE: Atriva 250 is available in packaging by 1 kg,and 5 kg

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