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A look inside HELLO NATURE® products:

HELLO NATURE® produces and markets a wide range of solutions for integrated and organic agriculture. The products available in different formulations, formats and concentrations are the result of internal research and scientific collaboration with important international institutions and universities. All products are developed following an eco-efficiency model with the aim of making agriculture increasingly sustainable. Our technicians, also in collaboration with accredited test centers, carry out numerous experimental tests every year to define the best practices of use in the various agronomic, environmental and pedological conditions. Furthermore, we support farmers in the field to develop together with them effective products and protocols suitable for every need and crop.


Useful microorganisms: for soil application, able to regulate and / or improve the physiological processes of crops:


– Mycorrhizae: obtained through an exclusive in vivo production process, with high colonization capacity of the rhizosphere and roots.


– Trichoderma atroviride: antagonistic fungus that easily colonizes the rhizosphere, improving plant growth and their resistance. Exclusive HELLO NATURE® strain isolated and deposited in an international reference collection.


100% plant-based biostimulants: obtained through an exclusive process of enzymatic hydrolysis with a high content of PSP peptides (Plant Stimulanting Peptides).


Organic fertilizers: completely natural, the result of a careful selection of the starting organic substance (manure certified from a health viewpoint) and coming exclusively from affiliated farms.


Water-soluble mineral fertilizers for fertigation and foliar fertilizers based on macro and microelements in an exclusive formulation enhanced with vegetable peptides and gluconic acid.


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