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Sustainable and natural, Guanito is Hello Nature’s organic fertilizer that supplies a high quantity of organic nitrogen and assimilable phosphorus to improve soil health and plant nutrition for the full life cycle of the plant. Great for the environment, it is a staple for organic farming and soil fertilization.

Guanito, Hello Nature’s organic fertilizer, is specially formulated with biologically active nutrients to improve root development, seed germination, and plant growth. Known for its yield enhancement and increase, Guanito helps improve the nutrient uptake of plants as part of sustainable agriculture. Featuring essential nutrients and containing a large quantity of humified organic and active matter, these compact pellets dissolve into the soil rapidly, improving the structure and water retention of soil, avoiding losses or insolubilization of elements which are so precious to crops. Hello Nature’s organic-based fertilizers are produced from select raw materials that are carefully chosen according to strict parameters.The exclusive manufacturing process guarantees maximum quality and safety, delivering a product which is biologically active, free from weed seeds, pathogens (i.e. Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc.) and rich in useful micro- organisms such as PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria).


• 25kg
• 550kg


● Before sowing/transplanting
● Sowing or transplanting
● Dormancy/before budding of trees


  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Plant stress/shock
  • Root stress
  • Soil erosion and degradation
  • Nitrogen loss by leaching
  • Fertilizers application


  • Uptake of nutrients and essential elements
  • Root health and colonization
  • Soil fertility and vitality
  • Soil structure and water retention
  • Plant growth and development
  • Gradual release of elements throughout crop cycle
  • Biologically active organic matter content in the soil
  • Yield and quality
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of the fertilization
  • Microbial activity in soils
  • Efficiency of organic nitrogen

● Before sowing/transplanting
● Sowing or transplanting
● Dormancy/before budding of trees

Industries: Row crop growers, greenhouse, nursery, landscape, horticultural, vegetables industrial crops, arboriculture, viticulture, medicinal plants

Nitrogen (N)
Plays a very important role in various plant physiological processes. It imparts dark-green color in plants, promotes leaves, stem and other vegetative part’s growth and development. Moreover, it also stimulates root growth. N produces rapid early growth, enhances the growth of leafy vegetables, and increases protein content of fodder crops.

Phosphorus (P)
Is essential in photosynthesis and respiration. Seeds have the highest concentration of P in a mature plant, and P is required in large quantities in young cells, such as shoots and root tips, where metabolism is high and cell division is rapid. P aids in root development, flower initiation, and seed and fruit development.

Potassium (K)
Is vital for plant metabolism. It helps in the development of a strong and healthy root system and increases the efficiency of the uptake and use of nitrogen and other nutrients. K helps photosynthesis, regulates the water status in the plant and plays an essential part in the formation of starch and in the production and translocation of sugars. K not only increases yields but also enhances fruit quality, improving flavor and color and increasing the size.

Magnesium (Mg)
Is a major constituent of the chlorophyll molecule, and it is therefore actively involved in photosynthesis. It aids phosphate absorption and translocation, serving as a carrier of phosphate compounds through the plant. Mg facilitates translocation of carbohydrates (sugars and starches) and enhances the production of oils and fats.

Calcium (Ca)
Has a main role as a structural nutrient in the plant, being essential for cell division and playing a core role in the stability of cell walls and cell membranes. Calcium prevents sensitive calcium physiological disorders, in many crops, like tip burn, blossom end rot, bitter pit and fruit cracking. Ca is fundamental for fruit quality; it improves fruit firmness and fruit shelf-life.

Organic Matter
Primarily composed of carbon, organic matter in soil has direct benefits for agricultural production. Soil organic matter plays a vital part in enhancing soil fertility and quality, on three levels: chemical (capacity to store and supply essential nutrients), physical (improve soil structure and water holding capacity), and biological (enhance biodiversity, improve microorganisms’ activity, and capture carbon).

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