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Organic and organic-mineral fertilizers

Hello Nature fertilizers are produced with selected raw materials according to the stringest parameters. The exclusive manufacturing process guarantees the maximum quality and safety. To substantiate this, our company has obtained the certification of compliance according to the EC Regulation 1069/2009, laying down strict rules for the processing of animal by-products, thus ensuring safety for public health.


For fifty years, Hello Nature has committed itself to the production of fertilizers and biostimulants which are certified all over the world.

Dehydration in air flow: quality and safety

To dry the manure, Hello Nature has designed and built an exclusive manufacturing plant, unique in the world. Raw materials are dried by a flow of hot air (70 ° C) for 60 minutes: this system guarantees the elimination of any potential pathogen (eg Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter, …), which allows the useful microorganisms (PGPR Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) to remain alive and active. Hello Nature ensures the maximum health care and at the same time provides a biologically active product. It improves the physical, chemical and biological fertility of the plants and soil. After the drying step, a grinding system is used to guarantee the absence of weed seeds in the final product. At the end of the process, the pelleting is performed exclusively by pressure, without the use of chemical agents, adhesives or adjuvants. The result is a compact pellet, with very low moisture (8-10%) and easy to distribute.

Once deployed in the field, the pellet absorbs water and dissolves rapidly, proving itself highly hygroscopic and biologically active.

Action and advantages

Hello Nature organic fertilizers and soil improvers, thanks to our innovative production process and selected raw materials, provide important agronomic and economic advantages for the farmer:

  • High and balanced nutritional intake (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements).
  • Increase of organic matter and beneficial microorganisms in the soil
  • Gradual release of elements, so that nutrients are available with a rhythm that ensures the optimal absorption by the plant.
  • Decrease of nitrogen loss for leaching.
  • Increase of cationic exchange capacity of soils.
  • Improved solubility of oligos such as iron, zinc and manganese.
  • Increased buffer capacity of soils (better ph for a plants growth).
  • Optimum isohumic coefficient (high production of humus).
  • Improved soil structure.
  • Increase yield and quality.
  • High efficiency and effectiveness of the fertilization.
  • Reduced erosion.
  • Increased water retention capacity of soil and enhanced resistance against drought and lower irrigation.

Consumer commitment and safety for the operators

In order to ensure the highest quality and safety to our customers we have adopted an efficent system of traceability. On each pallet, in fact, we print a lot code allowing us to trace every step in the process from the selection of raw materials, through production and distribution. Each lot is subject to chemical and microbiological analysis checking for quality before being put on the market. Italpollina, ahead of future legal obligations, has adopted a few years ago the single-strap Big Bag instead of traditional ones. This new type of Big Bag, compared to the previous, ensures a better safety for workers during loading, unloading and storage. It also provides easier handling.