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Plant growth depends on a series of interdependent factors, which are represented by light, temperature, water and air. The synergistic and interdependent action of these factors determines the growth of plants which is strongly influenced and conditioned by the amount of nutrients supplied to the crops through the soil. The fertilization plan is a technical document which, for a given crop, provides information on the quantity of a given nutrient to be distributed, the type of organic and / or mineral fertilizer to be used, the doses of distribution and the periods of application. All this information is defined according to:


1. The crop and the dynamics of absorption;
2. The quantity and quality of the production expected to be obtained;
3. The physical-mechanical and chemical characteristics of the soil;
4. The climatic conditions of the cultivation area;
5. Crops in rotation on the plot to be fertilized.


The objective of a fertilization plan is to commensurate the contributions of nutritional elements to the real needs of the crop without incurring over-dosages which, in addition to constituting an unnecessary cost for the farmer, could cause environmental pollution, or in under-dosages which would lead to reduced and sometimes poor quality productions and, in the long run, could decrease the overall fertility of the soil.


HELLO NATURE® Agronomic Office is available to its customers to provide agronomic advice and personalized fertilization plans suitable for every need.


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