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HI-Q Ca-Mg

HI-Q Ca-Mg (Calcium-Magnesium) is a plant-based leaf liquid integrator that reduces the occurrence of underlying calcium and magnesium deficiencies. By including calcium and magnesium in our formula associated with vegetal peptides, plants have the building blocks to thrive, produce higher yields with a better quality of fruits.

HI-Q range is a complete range of innovative solutions combining our Plant Stimulating Peptides and a high content of micronutrients, for a strong nutritional and biostimulant action. The presence of PSP, coming from the Vegetal Protein Hydrolysates (VPH), improves the ability of plants to absorb nutrients in order to better prevent or cure nutritional deficiencies and disorders. All HI-Q solutions are to be applied foliar, so that the action is even quicker and effective. HI-Q Ca-Mg is fast acting and effective thanks to the content of calcium which prevents deficiencies (eg. Bitter pit of the apple, blossom-end rot of tomatoes, desiccation of the spine in grapevine, tip burn of lettuce etc…) and magnesium which stimulates the formation of chlorophyll and improves the photosynthetic activity. Created to counteract nutrient deficiencies, HI-Q Ca-Mg addresses sustainable agriculture practices. Ideal for use as a foliar fertilizer, HI-Q Ca-Mg can be safely paired with insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators, adjuvants, biocontrol protects, and other foliar fertilizers.


• 1L
• 5L
• 20L
• 1200kg IBC


In average conditions: apply 2-3 L/ha repeating according to crop needs. 


  • Fruit cracking 
  • Bitter pit 
  • Blossom end rot 
  • Tip burn 
  • Physiological disorders 
  • Nutritional deficiencies 


  • Quality traits 
  • Shelf-life 
  • Absorption of elements 
  • Nutrient use efficiency 
  • Photosynthesis 
  • Chlorophyll formation 

Apply using a spray method in an adequate amount of water that will provide complete coverage of the plants. Dosage and frequency listed are general guidelines. For specific recommendations, contact one of our authorized representatives. 

In average conditions: apply 2-3 L/ha repeating according to crop needs. 

Industries- Greenhouse, Specialty Crops, Horticultural, Hydroponic (soil-less), soft fruits, arboriculture, viticulture, vegetables

Calcium (Ca)
Has a main role as a structural nutrient in the plant, being essential for cell division and playing a core role in the stability of cell walls and cell membranes. Calcium prevents sensitive calcium physiological disorders, in many crops, like tip burn, blossom end rot, bitter pit and fruit cracking. Ca is fundamental for fruit quality; it improves fruit firmness and fruit shelf-life.

Magnesium (Mg)

The predominant role of Magnesium (Mg) is as a major constituent of the chlorophyll molecule, and it is therefore actively involved in photosynthesis. It aids phosphate absorption and translocation, serving as a carrier of phosphate compounds through the plant. Mg facilitates translocation of carbohydrates (sugars and starches) and enhances the production of oils and fats.

Vegetal Protein Hydrolysates
HELLO NATURE ’s Vegetal Protein Hydrolysate products are made exclusively from the highest quality, non-GMO vegetal sources and are guaranteed to contain no animal by-products. They are produced using a proprietary Enzymatic Hydrolysis process and naturally contain organic nitrogen, organic carbon and Plant Stimulating Peptides.

Plant Stimulating Peptides (PSP)
The result of our exclusive Enzymatic Hydrolysis process. This pool of selected peptides has a prominent, assured, and natural biostimulant effect to enhance root development, seed germination and emergence, improve nutrient uptake, mitigate the effects of abiotic stress and increase fertilizer efficiency. PSP also help to prevent diseases by increasing health levels in plants.

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