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SCUDO, thanks to the presence of vegetal peptides and other molecules of high biological value, helps plants to rapidly overcome the stress induced by nutritional imbalances and unfavorable environmental conditions.
SCUDO contains 9% copper and thanks to its innovative formulation (copper complexed with vegetal peptides), it is rapidly absorbed by the leaves and quickly translocated into the plant tissues where it activates some enzymes which are involved in many plant physiological processes such as photosynthesis, seed production, carbohydrate distribution, nitrogen fixation, antioxidant activity, and lignin synthesis.
Therefore, SCUDO is highly effective in the prevention or cure of copper deficiency, especially in alkaline soils where copper availability for plant uptake is strongly reduced.


Allowed In Organic Farming

The fertilizer can be used in organic farming pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 75/2010 and of EC Reg. 834/2007.


The product respects the environment during production.

No residues

It leaves no harmful residues on agricultural products and has no shortage times.

Vegetarian Friendly

All raw materials are of vegetable origin and do not contain animal proteins.


Copper (Cu) water soluble
9% (11,7% p/v a 20°C)

Other Parameters

Specific weight
1,15 Kg/L

SCUDO is a fertilizer allowed in organic farming according to EC REG. 834/2007.

PACKAGE: SCUDO is available in packaging by 1L, 5L, 20L.

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