TANDEM is an innovative biostimulant microgranule containing an exclusive strain of beneficial micro-organism (Trichoderma atroviride MUCL45632, exclusive Italpollina strain) enriched with LRPP (Lateral Root Promoting Peptide), peptide of vegetal origin, designed to promote root development. TANDEM improves root development and increases seed germination and plant growth. TANDEM acts at the rhizosphere level, improving biological fertility, favoring the solubilization of phosphorus (starter effect) and stimulating rhizogenesis. TANDEM also improves plant resistance to climatic stress (drought, cold, excess heat, ...)


Allowed In Organic Farming

The fertilizer can be used in organic farming pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 75/2010 and of EC Reg. 834/2007.


Total Nitrogen (N)
1 %
Organic matter
8 %
Rhizosphere Bacteria
1 x 10 5 CFU/g
Trichoderma atroviride
1 x 10 5 UFC/g

Other Parameters

0,5 - 1,19 mm
0,73 kg/L

TANDEM is a fertilizer allowed in organic farming according to EC REG. 834/2007.

PACKAGE: TANDEM is available in 20 kg.

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